Living in Color: the goal of post-abortion recovery is a unique, abortion-specific, grief and loss program that was developed by Jenny McDermid and made its debut in 2010. 

Goals of the Program – from the client’s perspective:

  1. To grieve our abortion losses
  2. To restore faith and trust in ourselves
  3. To bring health to broken relationships with God and others
  4. To identify and control our triggers
  5. To say “hello” and “goodbye” to our children
  6. To find peace, closure and new purpose

There are eight chapters in the Living in Color program:

  1. Ground Zero
  2. No Man’s Land
  3. Curling Up
  4. Volcanic Activity
  5. Finding Wings
  6. Hello There!
  7. Goodbye for Now
  8. Living in Color

What can you expect as a client of the program?

Clients cover one chapter per week over an 8-week period.  Each week clients undergo contemplation, provide their written responses and participate in group discussion.  The personal warmth and support offered in these contexts is a powerful part of the healing process.  The program closes with most participants eager to embrace a future of purpose, peace and joy. 

Absolute confidentiality
program provided free of charge

There is Hope

for Healing

and Restoration